Senior optical R&D engineer - Space laser communications W/M

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  • Contract type:  Permanent contract

  • Work time:  Full time

  • Localization Rennes

Job description

Would you like to employ your optical expertise and creativity to solve innovative technical challenges in different areas such as laser comms for space applications (sat-to-ground optical links, sat-to-sat or point-to-point…)?
Join our R&D team at Cailabs!

Whether you have background in industry or academic research, come join our dynamic team of engineers and PhDs who share your creative spirit and the will to advance our state-of-the-art technology. You will find an open and vibrant atmosphere with a strong intellectual interest in your work. You will learn the ropes of working in an innovative company, from prototype development to industrialisation scale-up phases.

In our team, your main duties will be:

  • Lead development and design of innovative next-gen systems
  • Teach and lead newcoming engineers
  • Conduct upcoming system architectures depending on client’s needs
  • Integrate and interface multiple optical sub-systems
  • Lead improvement of existing product performances

Salary and benefits:

  • Competitive salary based on profile and experience.
  • Lunch vouchers.
  • Complementary health insurance covered at 100% by Cailabs.

Essentials skills

Key skills:

  • 6+ years experience in developing optical technologies (including academic research / PhD curriculum).
  • Master degree and hand-on experience in optics.
  • Proclivity for designing optical experiments and automation of data acquisition/treatment with a programming language of choice.
  • Capacity to identify problems and find solutions autonomously, often under time constraints.
  • Capacity to teach and lead engineers on innovative technologies
  • Capacity to lead a multi-disciplinary team (mechanics, electronics…)
  • Professional English.


  • Interest for integration and interfacing of components
  • Out-of-the-box and innovative thinking
  • Problem-solving driven

About Cailabs

Founded in 2013, Cailabs is the world leader in shaping light through the development of a unique and patented technology (MPLC). It designs, manufactures, and develops innovative photonic solutions for space, industry (laser machining), telecommunications, and defense. Its medium-term ambition is to become the global leader in optical ground stations. With its offering of optical ground stations TILBA-OGS, incorporating its solution for compensating atmospheric turbulence, TILBA-ATMO, Cailabs is the first and only company to harness the high-speed capabilities of optics in a ground station on an industrial scale. Cailabs currently employs over 80 collaborators, including 22 PhDs. With 26 families of patents filed, the company is among the most innovative in the space industry.

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Senior optical R&D engineer - Space laser communications W/M

Permanent contract
Full time

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