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Update on 08/07/2024
  • Contract type:  Permanent contract

  • Work time:  Full time

  • Location Rennes

Who are we ?

Founded in 2013, Cailabs is the global specialist in laser beam shaping, particularly through a unique and patented technology (MPLC), originating from scientific laboratories. The company designs, manufactures, and develops innovative photonic solutions for the aerospace, industrial (laser machining), telecommunications, and defense sectors.
Since 2020, Cailabs has experienced accelerated growth in the field of optical ground stations, enabling communication between satellites and Earth using lasers, and has now a central position in this market. Currently, one major area of activity for Cailabs is its optical ground stations TILBA-OGS, which incorporate Cailabs' technological core (MPLC) to facilitate ultra-high-speed communications despite atmospheric conditions.
Cailabs currently has over 90 employees, including 25 PhD holders. With 26 families of filed patents, the company is recognized as one of the most innovative SMEs in France.

Job description

Apply your expertise in free-space optics to innovative beam shaping for various technical projects and industrial applications! Join the Simulation team at Cailabs where your skills will advance the future of optical technologies. 


At Cailabs, we are always on the lookout for talents who are keen on blending their optics expertise with numerical simulations. If you have a previous hands-on industry experience in designing optical systems, come join our Simulation Team to apply your skills to innovative projects, from laser shaping for space communications to spearheading advancements in industrial laser processing. 


Within this role, you will find a positive group dynamic and will lead the design of advanced optical systems as well as contributing to and using state-of-the-art numerical simulations of various physical systems: laser beams, atmospheric turbulence phenomena, photonic circuits, etc. 

Experience the pulse of a forward-thinking tech company, from the birth of a prototype to its journey towards full-scale industrialization. 

You will be a key part of the Simulation Team within our Technical Department, and you will have a direct line to the head of the team.


Responsibilities : 

  • You are responsible for designing optical systems and centralizing optical developments at Cailabs.
  • As dedicated specialist for the standard optical design software used in the industry, primarily Zemax, you are in charge of spreading best practices, providing  internal training on these tools, etc.
  • You will also participate in optical design projects, tolerancing, and optimization of optical systems for a wide range of applications, including free-space optical communication (satellite-to-ground and point-to-point) and industrial laser processes.
  • You will work in collaboration with interdisciplinary teams to integrate optical designs with electronic and mechanical systems for their industrialization, contributing to comprehensive system-level solutions. 

  • You will design and implement advanced numerical tools in Python, add to the internal code libraries of the company, and use them to simulate a range of physical systems. 

Essential skills

  • Advanced degree or Phd in physics or in optical engineering. 
  • Experience in the design of optical systems, with an expertise in using optical design software such as Zemax or Code V. 
  • Familiarity with numerical physics, for example the propagation of laser beams (open-source or proprietary libraries). 
  • Comfortable with Python or Matlab, and a knack for coding. 
  • Fluency in English and French to discuss technical projects with your team. 


Bonus Points for: 

  • Experience with free-space optics: experimental optical setup, beam alignment, data acquisition. 
  • Familiarity with collaborative coding practices and tools, with experience contributing to shared codebases in a team setting being advantageous. 
  • Prior exposure to an industrial environment, especially in roles interfacing with product development and production units. 
  • Basic proficiency in French is a plus. 


When you join Cailabs, you'll find :

  • A dynamic team of engineers and PhDs who share your desire to put their skills to work on stimulating technical challenges,
  • Collective emulation and a strong intellectual interest in your work,
  • A company at the cutting edge of technology, from the development of prototypes through to the industrialisation phases.

Plus : 

  • Time for sharing and conviviality (annual seminar, meals, group games, sports activities, etc.),
    100% health insurance cover,
  • A bonus system to reward collective and individual performance.
  • Finally, joining Cailabs is the assurance that everything will be done to help you perform, improve and take on new challenges.


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Required languages

  • English English - Level advanced
  • French French - Level advanced

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Senior optical design engineer W/M

Permanent contract
Full time

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