Industrial Laser Optics R&D Engineer W/M

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Update on 11/06/2024
  • Contract type:  Permanent contract

  • Work time:  Full time

  • Location Rennes

Who are we ?

Founded in 2013, Cailabs is the global specialist in laser beam shaping, particularly through a unique and patented technology (MPLC), originating from scientific laboratories. The company designs, manufactures, and develops innovative photonic solutions for the aerospace, industrial (laser machining), telecommunications, and defense sectors.

Since 2020, Cailabs has experienced accelerated growth in the field of optical ground stations, enabling communication between satellites and Earth using lasers, and has now a central position in this market. Currently, one major area of activity for Cailabs is its optical ground stations TILBA-OGS, which incorporate Cailabs' technological core (MPLC) to facilitate ultra-high-speed communications despite atmospheric conditions.

Cailabs currently has over 90 employees, including 25 PhD holders. With 26 families of filed patents, the company is recognized as one of the most innovative SMEs in France.

Job description

If you are looking to apply and develop your skills in optics through innovative technical projects in areas such as spatial light shaping to enhance industrial high-power laser machining processes in our Canunda team?

Join the R&D department at Cailabs!


In this team, your main tasks include:

  • Leading the development of new prototypes and high-power laser shaping products,
  • Proposing new system architectures tailored to customer needs for industrial laser machining processes,
  • Being responsible for integrating and testing prototypes as well as new products at Cailabs and installing them at client sites,
  • Contributing to the performance improvement of existing products.

Come join a dynamic team of engineers and PhDs who share your desire to apply their skills to challenging technical problems. You will find a stimulating collective environment and a strong intellectual interest in your work. You will be immersed in a cutting-edge technology company, from the development of prototypes to industrialization phases.

Essential skills

Expected technical skills:

  • You have at least 3 years experience in the development of optical technologies (including academic research / thesis)
  • You are trained in optics and have practical expertise in this field
  • You are comfortable with the design of free space optical experiments and their experimental implementation
  • You are familiar with automated data acquisition and processing using a programming language (Python)
  • You are autonomous, able to identify problems and find solutions, sometimes under time pressure
  • You are capable of exchanging and effectively managing people from other fields (mechanics, electronics, etc.)
  • You are able to discuss your technical projects with your team in fluent English, both in writing and verbally
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Fluency in professional English required

You are known for :

  • Ability to lead complex multi-disciplinary research projects,
  • Good synthesis skills and proactivity.


By joining Cailabs, you will find:

  • A dynamic team of engineers and PhDs who share your desire to use their skills for exciting technical challenges
  • Collective enthusiasm and strong intellectual engagement in your work
  • A company at the forefront of technology, from prototype development to industrialization phases


And also:

  • Moments of sharing and conviviality (annual seminar, meals, group games, sports activities, etc.)
  • Health insurance fully covered
  • A bonus system rewarding both collective and individual performance
  • Joining Cailabs ensures that everything will be done to help you perform, improve, and take on new challenges.

For more information, visit

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Industrial Laser Optics R&D Engineer W/M

Permanent contract
Full time

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